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Jungle's Formal Introduction

Jungle's Formal Introduction

Hello everyone. My name is Jungle. I joined in January and have been lurking around and left a comment or two. Here is my formal introduction with goals, stats, and sizes.

Erect length= around 8in depending on how turned on I am. Sometimes high 7’s or I’m lucky and get to the 8
Erect Girth= around 5inch
Flaccid measurements= Not sure but I’m a grower.

Height: 5’11
Weight: 250lbs

I want a solid 9 length
And a 7 girth

Trying to figure out how to find the time to do PE along with working out, school, and all that other shit 20 year olds do. I do smoke and drink not sure if that will affect PE. I have a size complexity due to a comment made by my current girlfriend. She cheated and then when we were drinking she had the nerve to tell me his dick was bigger then mine and it was uncomfortable. I got a few things that the root of it is cause by this girl. I’m here to learn as much as I can to improve PE and sex, I thought about pumps but I read they gave you spongy erections, I want to have the rock hard erections. Any other questions please feel free to ask. Ill contribute what I know about anything and that is that.

Note: I do want to start taking supplements for penis health and overall health (will be reading the supplement forums)

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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You’re huge already. Bigger is not always better, so you shouldn’t be bothered by her comments. She even said it was uncomfortable. So why do you want to get to a size she already finds uncomfortable?

You can do what you want as we all have different sizes that we want to be, but the first thing is to learn not to let someone have that kind of control over how you see yourself. Especially if the comment is about your size and you’re already big and the comment said bigger was worse.

A 9x7 would be quite the bragging rights cock, but you’d probably have to find a size queen that didn’t cry when she took it, hehe.

You might want to check out the pumper’s forum too. They recommend very low pressure, so it shouldn’t cause spongy erections.

Good luck in your work.

Update: I measured girth and it said it was 6inches. Using an online ruler program. It does not feel meaty in my hands :( hmmm any ideas?

8x6? That’s pretty much the magical number around here. Consider yourself lucky.

I know myself and others wouldn’t be here if we had those numbers. In fact, my goal is less than that.

Welcome, Jungle112.

You have a really big dick. An unusually big dick, in fact.

PE is a long and involved process, not unlike a long-term physical therapy program. If you’re down for that you can probably get an 1” or so more length, and if you work really hard, maybe and an 1” or so more girth. Some folks do gain more, but that’s the baseline.

You’re 20, so you’ve got plenty of time ahead of you, all things considered.

Still, you don’t really have a ‘problem’ with size. Not in the real world. Whatever may be going on in your head, that’s a whole other story. The girl that cheated came back, didn’t she? She said the bigger dick (if it was bigger) was ‘uncomfortable’, didn’t she? Yet for some reason you want to build a cock that is freakishly large.

Make no mistake, you may well be able to do it…you are blessed with a huge advantage in that regard based on your starting size.

But ask yourself: is the issue you have your size (really?), or is it a matter of self-confidence?

Get clear with what’s going on with the guy in the mirror. The truth is you have size that is very rare right this minute. Out of 100 guys there might be three that are your size or a tiny bit larger.

All that being said, there’s a lot you can learn here on Thunder's, there’s technique threads related to stamina, etc.

Look around. Read a lot. See what’s what.

But be clear: your dick is really big. Right now.

Welcome to Thunder's Place.

Before: I'd like to show you something I'm very proud of, but you'll have to move real close.

After: I\'d like to show you something I\'m very proud of, but you guys in the front row will have to stand back.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time. - Robin Williams (:

If you’re using iruler to calculate things, be careful since the measurements can and often are wrong if you don’t make sure to resize based on your exact screen size / resolution. I was using this before I got a tape measurer and realized I had been doing things wrong initially.

Buy a real ruler, and if it says you are 8x6, then PEing isn’t a priority for you right now :) .

What about a penis reduction program, instead?

Thanks for the reply everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful day. All the comments made me feel good about myself. Yes I think I have a mental thing going on with size. It’s probably cause every guy she has been with was black. It is a self confidence thing because of all the messed up things she said. I think I could gain “length” by losing some weight. I really need help with the mental. Any ideas where to find stamina forums? I did use iRuler, I will come back with some measurements tomorrow because my roomies are here.

As far as the bigger is worse comment.we talked about it over the summer that just passed and she said I’m average to her. But I hate being average in anything I always wanna be better then everyone. Any place on here to talk about the mental roadblocks? I do not have the money to pay for the professional help. I also think my problem might be size does not feel meaty in my hands. Thanks for being kind about this.

Question: Has anyone ever had a similar experience with a woman?

Originally Posted by Jungle112


Question: Has anyone ever had a similar experience with a woman?

Just about half of members of this site. :) (And probably about the same ratio on the whole earth).

I think you can start speaking about your issues in a new thread, making clear the topic in the title, then a mod will move the thread in the right forum.

True. Thanks! Well, theres my introduction; I look forward to reading what everyone is righting. The Best of Luck with ya gains and in life.

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There’s a few threads on this site about how to go about handling women that try to gain the upper hand by saying their ex lovers had bigger dicks. I would recommend using the search button and implementing some of the ideas. I’d kill for 8 x 6 and for some cheating girlfriend to say that’s average to your face maybe you should tell her to either get some manners or fuck off, I personally would have gotten rid of her straight away after she cheated.

All the best anyway with your size pursuits, don’t let some cheating bitch screw with your mentality.

Hey man,welcome to the forums and that is a big dick, IMO I think the girl might have spewed out those words at you simply to make you feel jealous or insecure, because chances are even if the other dude was larger than you, this ex of yours has a baggy pussy, fuck her. No offense to you her her of course, but I agree with most members in that you may want to reconsider how large you want to get as it may pose a problem for other ladies. Well whatever you decide, I wish you well in your endeavors.

Originally Posted by Jungle112
I think I could gain “length” by losing some weight. I really need help with the mental.

As far as the bigger is worse comment.we talked about it over the summer that just passed and she said I’m average to her.


Come on man, I’m 6’ 260 and pretty solid. I have a 1 to 1 &1/2” fat pad that hides some of the 7.23874” length penis I have. And yes, you, and most here, do need help with “the mental”.

However, your girlfriend cheated on you with someone who was so much bigger it was uncomfortable, huh? So, she found the one guy in 10,000 that has a 9.5” x 7”? You have a big dong, the kind of size that is considered the mecca of all sizes by most people in PE circles. I would be dumping this tramp right now. How many shit tests do you need from her to know she ain’t “the one”?

Did I hear that she CHEATED on a dude with an 8x6?? (that would be you) WTF?

Move on NOW! Find yourself a new girl, make her eyes cross with your passion AND your pole, your now EX-GIRLFRIEND won’t fuck with your mind anymore!

Paraphrased: It is not the critic who counts: The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, who, at the best, knows the triumph of high achievement, and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory nor defeat.

Yea, I forgot to mention that before. If she had the nerve to cheat on you and then rub it in your face you need to get out ASAP. Don’t stick around because if you’re anything like me (and you seem to have a similar mentality / situation) even if you attain a larger size, it still won’t seem to matter / make you feel any better because SHE is what is making you feel like shit. Find a nice girl that doesn’t cheat on people and you’d be surprised how much more comfortable you will become and how much better your outlook on penis size will be.

For starters, dump the controlling bitch with a capital C.

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