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Jump starting a routine

Jump starting a routine

OK So this is my first post. I’d like to say thanks for all the good info, but seeing as how it’s so spread out on the site I was hoping for a bit of feedback here. I’m not a newbie all together. I’ve been interested in PE for a while but never very serious about it. I’d try jelqing for a week then get distracted. I’d buy some pills and when they ran out, I’d get distracted. Now though I think I’m ready to commit and do what it takes to get what I want. I did design my own stretcher, and used it a few days but the design was flawed and it kept coming off. I’d stretch the crap out of my unit and tie it down and sure enough it would slip out after a while. I need a better design. From those few days I did see some a good gain. It was about 1/2” below my belly button and went to 1/4 - 1/2” above it, with a visible increase in girth. That was a few weeks ago. I had to stop because the design and my enthusiasm made the head turn a funny color, but I recovered. I don’t want to make that mistake again. I’m glad I found this site. I did the LOT procedure and found I’m at 7:30 so it’s tunica-time for me I think. My questions are:

1) I want more length. Stretching will do it from my last experiment. What else helps with length?
2) Will jelqing still help with length or is that a girth exercise mostly? I don’t want to focus on girth since from what I’ve read, that’s the last step.
(As I said above, everything is so spread out it’s really hard to read it all or search it down)
3) What is a good starting point for stretching out the tunica? I’ve seen stretchers, weights, massages, etc and I’m a bit confused.

From what I’ve been reading here, I’m 100% sure I can do something about my current size. I went through a massage process called Rolfing, where they stretch the fascia of the muscles so they relax back to normal after an injury. A lot of this sounds very similar. On a strange note, I’ve worked with guys who were mentally retarded.. Two of them come to mind. One would come home and sit and jelq himself all night long. He liked to run around naked, and no matter what we tried, he enjoyed showing off his unit. It was huge to say the least. Another guy would slap his penis on the sides of his thighs while erect and do some other things I’ve seen here. At only 5’ 4 he had a huge erection all the time. Seems that the advice to do what comes naturally for you is right on target. Neither of those two guys had any training but they sure seemed to know what they were doing.

While I was going through Rolfing, I was told to increase my protein intake to help with repair. From what I’ve been reading, anything grown free-range would be the best (chicken or buffalo, both are high in glutamine which has been shown to reduce belly-fat and cholesterol). Cold-water fish have the highest concentration of omega-3 fatty acids shown to reduce cholesterol, which clogs up everything.

I have used arginine to get better quality erections: Power Maker . Being a little too reliant on masturbation, I needed something to improve my response. Arginine breaks down into nitrous oxide which is how we get erections. It also is the main component in the semen. Taking 16 grams/day will lead to release in growth hormones from the pituitary, which will improve healing and growth and increase testosterone which is how the penis gets it’s mass in the first place. (Refer to a Physician’s Desk Reference on growth hormone to see this fact in medical literature) Many herbal preparations are excellent for hormone balancing and contain tribulus which will increase free testosterone, by unbinding it from the proteins in the blood stream. Lots of info is out there on the ones that you find in penis pills but one preparation I’ve read a lot about is Amrit Kalash. You can search it down and learn more if you wish. To buy it, I found a site that sells it at half the price of the site here in the states. Amrit Kalash . This contains insane levels of all vitamins and lots of compounds for over-all health not even discovered yet. It was engineered in ancient India based on the Ayurvedic sciences for health. Well, enough rambling about nutrition.

If anyone can benefit from the above info, then so be it. Any suggestions on where to find the info I’m looking for or any suggestions on what they’ve done will be greatly appreciated.

So, since no one wants to reply to my post, I’ll just reply to myself. Hopefully some of this info I tracked down will be helpful to others who wonder in here.

This is the Start Here info you can find at the head of the forum:
Start Here

Here’s a link to the quickstart exercises and video’s on the site:

Jelquing and Stretching exercise:
Jelq and Stretch

Mem’s routine which I found interesting:

Some instructions to make a stretcher:
Stretcher instructions


Welcome to the forum.

Do the newbie routine, there is a reason it exists. I have never done anything not manual except clamping. But stick to the newbie routine for at least 3 months and then deceide if you want to change your workout for your benefits.

Good luck with PE.

Instead of reinventing the wheel and getting bogged down with advanced contraptions and nutrition, why don’t you just begin with the newbie routine. It will condition your cock for future more advanced PE work and will give you a good idea how you respond to manual stretching and jelqing. You have been doing some great research, but no matter how much you know, you still have to begin at the beginning.

I’m a relative newbie to PE but have been tinkering around for the last 3 -4 months and have probably only “perfected” my techniques over the last 4 - 6 weeks.. I’ve had zero gains so far but.I am determined! I guess the question is just how long does one stay on the newbie routine? I’m working on jelqs for about 20 minutes morning and night (in the shower) followed by 10 - 15 minutes of manual stretches. I do hardish BTC stretches when I go to bed and when I wake up for about 15 minutes each. I’m sure something is happening but I want it to start happening NOW! Am I too impatient?


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have “perfected” my technique over the years. :)

I think you are too impatient, because you are doing too much. You don’t mention rest days and you should have at least one per week. In addition, you should cut back to just one session per day. At your current pace, you have zero recovery time and if your cock never recovers, it will never grow.

In this program, when you try to speed things up by doing too much, too hard, you not only slow down the process, you may actually begin to see shrinkage and loss of erection strength.

So cut back to once a day. Use moderation. Throw in a rest day or two per week. Your cock responds to pleasure, so make your routine on the feel good side of the fence, never painful or uncomfortable.


Many thanks for that. Yes, recovery is important (as I’ve learnt from the body in other sports). I tend to have a rest when my dick gets a bit sore so I’ll start having regular days off from now on. That’s interesting about shrinkage due to overwork.something I must keep in mind.

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