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Jumbled Mind, Jelq vs Stretch

Jumbled Mind, Jelq vs Stretch

Alright, I’ve been reading a few different posts on things, and I’m starting to get confused.

Which is better for length? Jelqing or Stretching?

I can see where both would be handy in increasing length. I tend to, in my own mind, describe jelqing as a “balloon” affect. If you keep trying to force the air in one way, it’ll get bigger, and bigger, but with humans, our source of blood is endless, and we won’t “pop” our penis from doing it. If we regulate it, it’ll be fine too, and won’t get out of control like some balloons do (they get weird shaped if you do it weirdly.. Have you noticed?). So what I gather is that jelqing is good for both girth and length.. But at present, I’m more worried about length than girth. So what’s the verdict on that?

Should I focus on my stretching more? Or should I focus on both just the same?

For starters, I get “tug back” from everywhere around the clock.

If my LOT seems to be “gone” and there’s “no need to stretch” anymore.. Would jelqing be sufficient to continue and increase size length wise? (I’m ASSUMING yes, from what I’ve read, but it’s all confusing me)

If your LOT is low, would stretching still help at all?

(Yes, I know it’s just a theory)

There is no harm in doing both if your just starting out! Although I am a believer in the LOT theory, and are you sure you get tug back at all angles? You might want to try again! But both will help with length gains!

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