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Jilted from PEing

Jilted from PEing

I’m really afraid if I PE to much that my life will be focused on sex. Like having a big donger is cool .but if you can’t look at a women let alone interact with one without thinking about putting it in her, how are you meant to function in society? It sounds weird but it could happen

PE is not completely about having a big member so you can lay every girl you breathe on, it’s a confidence booster for when the time does come, a guy doesn’t have to worry about it and can impress. A few of the guys here are married or have girlfriends and are doing this to have a better sex life. And most of us lead normal lives, we PE in our down time, doing something more beneficial than reclining in our lazeboy and watching TV. It’s no more different than going to the gym for an hour or 2.

But then again, a few guys are REALLY focused, but hey, who know, that could mean one of them could become the next Ron Jeremy. And porn is a multi-billion dollar a year industry, so they’re doing more than their fair share of functioning in society, ha-ha.

Invader hit it on the nose. Confidence booster is what I was going to say. It’s one less thing to worry about I believe that’s 95 percent of the reason men want to enlarge their penises at least it is for me.

Current measure ment 8-2-06 EL- 5.5, EG- 5.25, BPEL-6 7/6, BPFSL-7.25

Short term goal EL- 6.0, EG-5.5

Long term goals EL- 7 to 7.5, EG- 5.5 to 6.0

I do it for the same reason that I dress nice and workout, to set myself apart from the crowd. I don’t expect a girl to fall in love with my dick or muscles, but they’re a nice way to attract them initially. Then hopefully they’ll fall in love with my great personality :P

Starting Stats (5/21/06) - BPEL: 6.75 | NBPEL: 5.75 | EG: 5.75 (Mid) 6 (base)

Current Stats (8/21/06) - BPEL: 7.00 | NBPEL: 6 | EG: 6.0 (Mid) 6.375 (base)

My new Goal: To have the volume of a Coke can (21.65625 cubic inches ;) )

Yeah thanks fellas, I just really had to look at the motivation behind me PEing and it’s true, it’s a confidence thing, I don’t want PEing to focus my life on sex. But at the end of the day it’s sad to say that women will always compare you to the last boyfriend. You just want to have the confidence to know that your man enough to please her sexually.

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