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JES Extender

JES Extender

Has anyone found a way to wear this device inconspicuously during the day? I wear business casual to work and I cannot wear the device pointing down and if I wear it pointing up, it looks like something is poking out up near my belt. The only time I get to stetch is when I have free time at night, which may only happen 3 or so times a week. Any advice?

I’ve not heard of many people who’ve worn one successfully in public.

Are you able to get in any short PE sessions during the day? Look up a member called RB; he PEed in his bathroom breaks and had good results from that.

I’ve never used a stretching device like that, but I think you’ll need more than three evenings a week to get anywhere with it, unless you can supplement the routine with regular stretching throughout the day.

I’ve worn my jes to work once one day when I felt ballsy. I wear business casual as well and have to tuck in my shirt, I work in news. When I put it on I just pulled my boxers up higher so my dick would “lean” to the left and stay there. There is a little bulge, but I figured screw it, it really just looks like my dick. I wore it sucessfully that day. The only problem I had was peeing every half an hour because I tend to drink alot of coffee and water at work so I’d have to go into a stall and lock the door rather than using the urinal haha. I’d rather use a urinal. However I work from 3am -12pm and the rest of the day off. Fortunately I live alone right now and can usually get a good 6-7 hours of use after work. I’d like to go to a 12hr day, but there would have to be more hours in a day to do so!

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