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Jelquing question

Jelquing question

Well, I was wondering if any of you experienced anything along these lines during jelquing sessions: As I get closer to the glans at the end of my jelquing stroke, I notice and feel a substantial flow of blood back into the body (it’s almost like a gushing feeling)… is this normal, or am I applying too much pressure on the up-stroke?

Another one: How much pressure should one apply at this stage of my PE career, for jelquing that is? (I’ve been PEing for just over four weeks now)

Happy elongation, Gents

Hi Baracus,

When you feel this blood flow backwards, does the head deflate a little? Meaning, is the gushing blood coming from the head/upper shaft? If so, then I would recommend changing your technique as this is not supposed to happen. The idea is for the blood to get trapped and engorge your dick past it’s normal capacity. The only time a substantial amount of blood should flow back is when you let go of the grip for that stroke.

My guess is that it’s your grip that is causing the problem more than the amount of forward pressure. Make sure you have even coverage all the way around on your grip. As to how much pressure to apply; enough that your shaft becomes over-engorged with blood, but not so much so that you feel any pain.

Wow, I also felt the same stuff when I did dry jelq with palm down position. But, when I feel the return gush back to my body my cock head still engorge with blood. I get this when I do the jelq not perpendicular to my cock. I mean my palm a little to the left or right not straight above my cock.

whazzup Stevie and occa,

Stevie, you make a good point about the amount of pressure I;m placing on my dick- this gushing of blood back to the body only happens in the erect state (90-100%). What’s happening is that I grip rather tightly at the base (after pushing the foreskin back as far as possible to avoid future instances of turkey neck), and when I get to say about 75-80% up the shaft towards the head, I quickly release the tension in the grip because the pressure is just too much to handle at that position (I feel like if I maintain that level of grip, my cock might explode!! Not the result one is looking for in PE!), which is why there is such a pronounced backflow of blood.

Only now, I understand that the grip should be released slowly on the upstroke (afer reading Thuder’s jelquing notes). I have to admit, though, that the first time it happened, I got a little freaked out… but after a few more times, I actually began to enjoy the sensation of the bloodflow! Enjoyment or not enjoyment, I don’t think I’ll let it happen again given that something serious could happen…


Yeah, by holding the grip after the up stoke, you were inadvertently performing a reverse kegel, which is not good to do and could possible lead to erection difficulties. Good to hear you have it figured out now. My only other advice would be to lower your erection level to around 80%. This is the suggested level of erection for performing jelqs. Have fun jelqing!!

Hi there Baracus,

Glad you could find what is good for you, because that is important. Well, keep up the good work, and I’ll wait for your progress report:) . Seeya.

Thanks for the support, boyz!

Happy PEing to both of you, and have yourself a merry Xmas (hope you get to you use your new and improved equipment to squirt large quantities of eggnog all over some horny Xmas babe!)


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