Jelquing correctly?

I’ve been jelqing for a little over 2 months with no gains, and this week I started to do it differently. I keep a loose grip at the end of my jelq when I start with the other hand, and keep the loose grip right at the beginning of the glans until I reach 1/3 of the way with the 2nd hand. I am using more force and a more effective lube, as well as slower, longer jelqs. I am experiencing minor pain, nothing to whine about, but an uncomfortable feeling in the head of my penis with every jelq, and it remains the slightest bit sore after my work out. I feel like I am doing it right finally, as I am creating great pressure in my head to the point where I can feel it. I used to decrease the pressure whenever I felt the slightest uncomfortable feeling until recently I realized maybe I should feel something. Are you supposed to feel this pressure feeling in the head while jelqing, have I finally started to do it right, or am I applying too much pressure now. Note that it is no where near a pain that I want to stop, but just enough that it feels uncomfortable, I used to think that this feeling was dangerous and shy away from it, but now I’m not too sure.