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Jelqs, penis valves and EQ

Jelqs, penis valves and EQ

I’ve been looking for how penis keep blood. I found that penis hasn’t valves to keep blood but it keep blood through a muscle which compress all veins at the base of the penis, and other mechanism augmented diameter of veins that supply penis with blood while return veins are blockaded by decrease of their diameters. Jelqs can’t hurt any valves because ain’t valves

What do you think? Valves or muscles and diameter changes? And if valves exist, how I can avoid damage from jelqs?

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There is also a chemical component to holding the blood. The smooth muscles are contracted while flaccid and open while erect through NO- nitric oxide. But it seems through jelqs, clamps, pumping..PE you can fill the spaces with blood without the help of NO.

Which muscle compresses veins at the base of the penis?
Its the ischiocavernosus muscle, right?

Originally Posted by Walter5169

good link.

But It seems incomplete

The BC muscle can push/pulsate blood into the CC which can be hold by the immediate engagement/hold of the IC muscle. At least thats what I can do.…l.05049/full#f4

Role of the ICM in Corporeal Congestion and Erection

Meanwhile the ICM, inserting in a “belt” form across the proximal part of the 2 corpora cavernosa, presumably acts on contraction as a constricting band that appears to compress the deep dorsal vein of the penis. This seems to hamper the cavernosal venous return, and thus, augments penile erection.”

“Physiology of penile erection and pathophysiology of erectile dysfunction” page 6

There aren’t valves, dysfunction in people who do PE too hard for their penises could be due to broken or poorly healed veins

If we fully understand physiology of the penis we’ll be able to maximize PE and routine recovery

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