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Jelqs for length

Jelqs for length

I couldn’t find exact information on this topic. I’ve been doing PE for quite some time, not on a constant training though.
Anyways, I’m currently at about 7” BP and my girth is 6,5”.
I don’t want to get my girth any bigger because most girls say they don’t know if they get it in because of the girth.
Once it is in they do like it. I’m together with my gf for about 2 years, and she still has problems getting it at the beginning when we get at it. If we don’t have sex for a few days, it’s even more difficult. But that’s another topic, lol.

And for another reason: even though my penis is above average, it doesn’t look “big” because of the enormous girth.
I don’t want any more girth - so all PE I have been doing was stretches. But I think I don’t gain much with the stretches, so I though about switching to jelgs. What do you think? Will that increase the girth? What can I do?
On top of that, I’m a grower and I hate it. I’ve read about people turning into a shower with jelgs so I really like the idea of doing it.

Jelqs tend to increase girth. The problem is: stretch without jelqs tend to don’t work. Maybe you should switch to hanging : this will give you base girth, but it probably will be less a problem. Or use an extender. You can make one with few dollars and can expect 1/2” EL gain in one year of consistent use.

Thanks for the reply! The problem is I don’t want to let my gf know that I’m doing PE, so extenders, etc. Are not an option for me. I’m usually doing PE before, while and after showering. I’ll try to bring jelqs into my routine, and I’ve read about the fowfer which seems to work pretty well (but it hurts my balls, seems like I’m doing it wrong). How do you do the fowfer without stopping the blood from getting into your balls?

EDIT: Fyi, I just started with jelqs yesterday and I didn’t do any PE today yet but my unit already looks more like a shower than a grower! Feels great!

I have yet to find a way to do Fowfers with out a slight bit of discomfort, but this thread has some good info on how to do them. Fowfers are King!

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