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Jelqs before stretches

Jelqs before stretches

Hey, Iv just started the newbie routine and I’m having problems with the stretches, I find it hard to get a good grip. I find though if I do the jelqs first then the stretches I can get a better grip. Is this OK? Cheers.

Yes, but if you don’t mind my asking, why do you feel that your grip is easier post jelq? And, at what erection level % are you jelqing at?

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LOL I’m sure you’re trying to stretch really hard that’s why you need harder grip. That’s why it’s hard to keep the good grip. Stretch light man. Really light. I’m currently taking a break from PEing because of my Low EQ due to my overwork.

Good advice, Boondocksaint .

Hey, cheers for your replies. I find it easier Richard because my glands are bigger so I can grip better. I read though after I posted that it is better if the stretches are carried out first, because it’s almost like when you stretch a balloon before you blow it up. I think I jelq at about 70-80 %. Maybe I’m trying to hard on the stretches, IL take your advice Boondocksaint and try stretching lighter, cheers.

I have always done them after jelqing. When I did not for a month I wrecked myself. Something about the pumped blood seems to soften the impact of those brutal stretches. Stretches just seem so brutal on the penis. I think they are just good for lengthening the penis after jelqing. IMO.

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