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I was wondering if there were any tips on preventing your (not —>ur) cock becoming too hard whilst jelqing?


Try and focus on why your doing it, it’s just an exercise like you’d do in the gym. I’ve done quite a lot of searching and that seems to be about the only advice, apparently there’s a collection of “turn off” pictures somewhere, might be worth a look

Yea I have the same problem.

The damn thing gets too hard. I often have to wait a minute to resume my jelqing.

Break up your jelqing routine. For instance not 20 minutes straight but 2x10 or 4x5 minutes.

Sounds good.

I will try that.


I usually watch TV, while I jelq that way my mind is on something else.

I masturbate first, if you start jelqing at the right time it won’t go down much or go up much more, it’s perfect and it works great for me :D

Originally Posted by AussieSchlong
I was wondering if there were any tips on preventing your (not —>ur) cock becoming too hard whilst jelqing?


Think of John Howard Schlong!

Stretch your back, so the blood makes a you-turn in your penis.

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Thanks for the tips

Just my experience. I gave up jelqing in the morning as “everything” was too hard. Only stretching in the morning and jelqing in the evening when things are a bit more calm. Enjoy your PE.


Just pretend like you’re forced to do a bronski on that guy in Fight Club with the bitch tits.

"...this may hurt a little but it's something you'll get used to..."

- Maynard James Keenan

I usually watch porn while I jelg and just stop watching it if I get too hard.

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