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I’ve been going PE for a little while know but I’m unsure if I’m performing the jelqs in the newbie routine correctly. The video shows that one hand is used in a ok grip to clamp the base of the penis and the other used to milk upwards towards the head. I have not been doing this. I have instead been moving both of my hands firstly I grip the base with one hand and with the ok grip and move it towards the head when my head reaches the head I then apply the other at the base and repeat the milking actions. Is this correct or not >?

Yep Andy your description is the way I Jelq :)

It worked for me.

Remember though Jelqs are all about feel, it will take you some time I imagine to perfect it.

I’m at least 16 months in and I’m still learning new things about jelqing its seriously deceptive.

Good luck bro.

It sounds like your on the right track, keep those Jelqs deep with a firm but lite grip.

Work that one out !

Ye I’m jelqing quite slowly and firmly, and I can feel and see the blood accumulate as I milk up the shaft towards the head. So I don’t have to keep one hand clamped at the base all the time like in the video? Using one hand then the other is correct >?

How much did you gain with jelqs and manual stretches ? I’m aiming for 0.5 by October 1st : (

Keep doing what your doing Andy!

I gained over an Inch in 7 months by jelqing and stretching.

I did not gain for over 4 month afterwards but now I’ve started again with clamping and some water pumping
my girth gains are coming on slowly but there coming think I had added some length to.

Give it time Andy it took me near 3 month to see my 1st noticeable gains.

Have some faith and they will come.

That’s the same way I do it. =D

My PE Data

Current 9-30-2009~ BPEL~7.2 inches EG~5.2inches FL 5 inches

Goal By Turkey day~ BPEL~7.5 inches EG~6.0inches FL 5 inches

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