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Hey guys,

I’m on my fourth week of my newbie routine, and everything seems to be going great! However, I do have a question regarding jelq intensity. When I jelq, it seems that I get to about the 90th pull, and the head doesn’t seem as engorged. In other words, for the first half of jelqing I feel like my head is getting a great pump from the blood, and the head feels like it’s going to burst. After that though, even though I seem to have the same erection level, my head does not feel like it’s getting the same workout. I feel like I am wasting my time from then on out. Am I? Do I need to split up my routine and do 120 in the morning and 120 in the evening? I want to keep a good intensity, and get quality above quantity, and I just don’t feel like that is happening. Any advice would be great. Thanks all!

Starting stats: 01-25-06


5.25 EG midshaft

Stop. Regain your erection and continue. Don’t keep plugging away at the strokes with the wrong erection level.

One thing I used to find useful was to switch to overhand downward strokes when an erection faded a little. That keeps it going a bit longer.

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