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Jelqing without Turkey Neck

Jelqing without Turkey Neck

I’ve read about this a lot but still there’s something I wonder..

Do we really have to do the jelqing with 2 hands ? I mean think about we go up to the glans with 1 hand and then we put our other hand and go up to the glans again when we’re done with first one.

Ok what I wonder is why don’t we just do the jelqing with one hand and hold the skin of balls with our second hand to prevent the turkey neck ??


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Absolutely, if you have enough free-moving shaft skin available, or have good lube to protect your skin. Turkey neck happens because there is so much ‘extra’ and loose skin in the scrotum to move forward if you are fortunate enough to gain good length. It is also a really common after effect of circumcision. Some guys in the foreskin restoration clan work against turkey neck by focusing skin stretching on the underside, trying to generate new skin there. That’s supposed to allow the balls to draw the scrotum skin back again. It’s a lot of work though.

You can always hold the skin back as you change hands,just do what feels good for you.Your still doing the basic jelq motion.

Yea of course it works the way you describe it. I tried that too, but i came to the conclusion that when i switch hands, i end up jelqing a longer distance on the shaft. I think theres a higher chance of ending up with a baseball bat shaped penis if you dont switch hands.

You gotta really dig into the base when you switch hands, to get as far back as possible.

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