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Jelqing upwards Vs. Jelqing downwards?

Jelqing upwards Vs. Jelqing downwards?

wich one is better fo’ gains?


Each person is different, but since I’m usually 30% to 50% erect when I jelq, I tend to jelq straight out or downwards. When I’m at the end of my jelq stroke, I also stretch it at a downward angle.


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Kassit, some feel they get better length gains jelqing downwards and better girth gains if jelqing upwards (I believe there was a thread about this a while ago). Also, the level of erection will also determine what type of gains will be made. Most people here feel that jelqing at lower erection levels (50-60%) will produce better length gains and jelqing at higher erection levels (80%) will produce better girth gains.

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Experiment and try them both ways. I personally don’t think there is a big difference in gains potential between the two of them.

Ise’nt it about LOT? if you have a high LOT you should go for downwards and if you have a low LOT you should go for uppwards? Thats how i’ve always thought it was?…

If your primarily concerned with girth then you should be jelqing at the 80% to 90% level. At that level of erection upward or downward doesn’t really matter. If your more concerned with length then you would jelq at a low erection level and follow rymdrattan’s advice concerning your LOT.


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Well I guess I feel more comfortable jelqin’ downwards with 50% erection,my LOT’s 1:30 or 2

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