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Jelqing: Tingling,light burning in Penis

Jelqing: Tingling,light burning in Penis

Hey PE-Members,

I’m currently on the newbie routine and yesterday I experienced a new feeling at the end,
My best comparison is with light stinging nettles, it burned a bit and felt like a lot of small needle stitches in my penis. Not very dramatic, but being the cautious type and knowing that some people already did some serious damage to their penisses, I want to know that this means.
Warm Up and down was performed as described. My jelqs were of medium strength and I did a little bit of stretching afterwards.

After waking up today, the stitching is gone.

S guys, can you tell me what this means ? Do I need to change anything in my practice ?

I think you need to use more lube while jelqing .

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Now:BPEL= 6.3 x MEG=4.8 .. :) Final goal = 7.0 BPEL x 5.2 MEG.

Go watch=There are video's on how to do the exercises here!!!!!!!!

Thanks guys.

Could both be the case. I´ll try again tomorrow and see if sth. Changes.

But at least regarding your posts I can assume that this feeling should rather be avoided and is not beneficial, so I learned sth haha

The way you describe doesnt sound bad. It wasnt pain? When its pain its always bad I would say.
That light tingly feeling is what gives me an indicator I had a good exercise. More a buzzing kind of feeling. I then often hang rather good next day.
You want to have an impact.

Most important is to set it in relation to other PI ‘s. Hang, EQ, morning wood etc.

You are squeezing too hard or jelqing too much. Slow down and go easy. I did the same thing. Don’t get too entheusiatic trying to make yourself bigger faster. It takes time. I’ve been at this for about three weeks and I’ve taken a lot of days off because of sensitivity. You don’t get any second chances with your manhood. Take is easy and don’t forget to ‘feel’ your penis. Nothing in this workout should hurt. Stop if it does.

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Mhhh, I just read a post by the infamous “DoubleLongDaddy” regarding this topic and in his opinion,
A stitching, at least to a specific extent, is a sign of growth.

I thought that by myself because of the mechanics of enlargement, but now I am a bit confused:
Shoud I feel nothing at all, or light stitches ? I see it exactly as How Low: ” You don’t get any second chances with your manhood” and want to do keep it as safe and risk free as possible.

I think that there is quite a bit of difference between pain and soreness. If you are lifting weights and get a sharp stinging pain in your pectoral, do you continue going? On the other hand, after your workout, you have a dull aching soreness you know you’ve done well. One is indicative of injury; the other, growth. This, of course, is my opinion going forward with limited experience. I want a big dick that works not a huge dick that doesn’t.

Started: 01/01/2015 ~ BPEL: 7.2 inches. EG: 5.5 inches. [05/01/2015: BPEL: 7.6 X 5.5.] [08/06/2015: 7.75 X 5.5] Goal: Better EQ

All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. ~ Proverbs 14:23

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I frequently get a tingling sensation on my ligs and penis after a hanging sensation and I agree with the above statement that this is most likely an indication of growth. I don’t think anybody on here can tell you exactly what it is but to me it sounds like you are training correctly.

A tingling sensation or pins and needle sensation commonly coincides with nerve involvement. Bad nerve sensations would include a severe (not mild) burning sensation or obviously numbness. If it is a mild pins and needle sensation that goes away relatively quickly or twinges throughout the day, it is probably a good sign that your soft tissue is expanding and compressing or stretching your nerves along with it.

Either way, I think at the end of the day you are the one that needs to answer if you are overdoing it. The good news is as you advance in time you’ll begin to recognize what is normal and abnormal for you.

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