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Jelqing Techniques and Girth Enlargement exercises.

Jelqing Techniques and Girth Enlargement exercises.


I have a question with jelqing work outs. I am just wondering if I can do a release after a jelqing session? Will this affect the jelqing session at all and make my penis smaller?

are there any girth enlargement exercises.


Opinions vary on the release after jelqing. As far as girth exercises, at the top of the page is a SEARCH tab. Use it and it will open the door to a wealth of information on girth and anything else PE related.


Hi ju5taman, welcome to Thunder’s Place.

I like to have at least a two hour buffer between my PE sessions and “releasing”. I don’t think it’s detrimental to your gains though, I’m just superstitious like that.

Originally Posted by ju5taman
are there any girth enlargement exercises

Yes, quite a few actually. Below is a link that details most of them. However, I must warn you that anything more than moderate jelqing when you first start PE can be dangerous. Start out slow for awhile to get your dick prepped to being worked out before trying any of the advanced girth exercises.

Here’s the link: Girth Routines

One other thing, in case you haven’t already, please read the forum guidelines when you get a chance. There’s a lot of helpful information in there that will help you get along here.

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