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Jelqing technique

Jelqing technique

Okay so I’ve Jelq’d on and off and I have like almost formed my own technique that I use in the shower when I go with like 150 jelq’s. I tend to get the nice blood filled dick and start to jelq while I kegal as to push more blood in, but I jelq with one hand. I just never got the hang of using my other but also because when I jelq I take the skin with me to the tip it’d be hard to start another jelq. Now I bring the skin along and I still fill up the tip of my dick quite well but does it matter how I do it as long as it gets extremly full of blood? I have to kegal because as I put my hand back at the base I lose blood but the kegal makes up for as does my routine.

Yep, that’s part of the trick of keeping a partial erection—not too soft, not too hard. At least a partial erection while jelqing is what is recommended for newbies. I take it that you’ve viewed the videos. The videos show a fairly hard erection, but the technique for two-handed jelqing would be the same, even with less of an erection.

So even if you loose a little bit of blood on each stroke, if your dick is “fairly full,” I think you’ll still gain the benefits of jelqing. As you bring the one hand (say, your right hand) toward the glans, just loosen your grip long enough to allow your other (left) hand to pull the skin back toward the base of your shaft, and then do the second stroke with your left hand, etc. To keep all the shaft skin pulled forward toward the glans while jelqing can contribute to “turkey skin,” or having scrotal skin being stretched up along the bottom of the shaft.

If you dry jelq, it makes a difference whether you’re circumcised, and—if so—how loose you were cut. But if you’re doing it in the shower, it shouldn’t be difficult. I know some guys insist you only use KY or vaseline, but in the shower I’ve found I can use tearless baby shampoo without irritating the urethra or meatus (pee hole).

I didn’t know about turkey skin. I’ve been jelqing taking all the skin with it. I’m kind of loosely cut so I have quite a bit of skin to pull back. I also jelq in the shower. Sometimes it’s a little hard to stay semi-hard, semi-soft, my dick gets hard easily. But I love that “fairly full” feeling. It gets so heavy and dense! My erections have gotten incredibly strong.

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