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Jelqing Technique Clarification

Jelqing Technique Clarification

I have watched and read numerous exercises descriptions for Jelqing. Most of not all show the user doing and ok grip and jelqing with his palm down (overhand)
Now would it be acceptable to use the same “ok” grip but have palm facing inside and the top outside of your hand facing out. Underhand grip is best I can name it as. It’s more of a side grip.

As of you take the overhand grip as just rotate it to the side

I do them while laying down at night and that seems like a better grip. It’s feels awkward to lay down and do overhand grip

Not sure if I can explain but the overhand grip I am talking about is when you form the ok grip and grab your shaft the top of your hand is facing up and palm is down. The underhand grip I am describing is where you form the ok grip with the top of your hand more to the side, specifically the outside and the palm is ok your shaft facing inside. So it’s more of a neutral grip than underhand

Yes, that grip is often used to relieve stress on the hands.

To me, it is a bit harder to apply, not with regard to force needed, but I feel like I don’t compress enough of the penis shaft. Still, it is an option.

The term for palm-down here is ‘pronation’ of the hand (palm-down). That is the standard, forceful OK grip that most use.

Okay thank you man, I appreciate your response. That’s strange I guess I am an exception. I feel I get a better squeeze on my shaft as well as I find with the neutral grip it is easier to get my whole shaft and not have to get around my scrotum sack skin. With the pronated grip I pinch skin and will have to move it back and loosen my grip then re tighten my grip. It’s harder to work around the testicles.

One question, are you supposed to apply pressure to the sides of the penis? Or the top and bottom of it?

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