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Jelqing style, important.

Jelqing style, important.

Hello, I don’t want to bother anyone, but I have a very important question. It’s more or less a true newbie question but I wanted to post it here because the guys with most knowledge probably read this member area more frequently than the newbie forum. I have been reading quite much already, but I just noticed that I am not completely sure if I am doing the jelqing correctly. First I thought one should do it by palm facing towards floor and both forefinger and thumb facing also towards floor. I reckon this is not right, or is it?

But now I saw this picture at Tom Hubbards page and it seemed that the guy who was jelqing had his palm facing towards floor ,as I presumed, but his thumb and forefinger didn’t point towards ground. They pointed towards left and right. That makes a pretty big difference. So the guy who is jelqing is not touching the sides of his penis at all, but instead he is touching the bottom and the “upper part” of his member. I read one message where someone, can´t remember the name though, stated that one shouldn´t touch the bottom side of your penis because there is this main vein or something and you might lose the sensivity of your penis. Which style is the correct one? When my palm is facing downwards are my fingers pointing also down or to the sides?

I am trying to make myself as clear as possible. Right now my forefinger and thumb are in the same level when I am jelqing. However, what comes to that Tom’s picture I believe one’s thumb should be “lower” on the bottom and forefinger “higher” on the top. So right now I am not touching the “darker” brown area of my dick. If someone could please answer to me I would appreciate it a lot. I am not native so those jelqing explanations are “hard” for me to understand.

Your sincerely,


Hi Durandil!

And Welcome!

You can jelq with your palm up or down - it really depends on what’s most comfortable for you. Here are a couple of links to help you get started.

Jelq 1

and here’s the longer more comprehensive version

Jelq 2

I’ve moved this thread over to the Newbies Forum because that’s where it belongs - yes, we all read the Newbies Forum as well! This info will help other newbies too.

If you haven’t already done so, check out the FAQ’s and Quick Start Guide - it will help you get up to speed. And read the posts in Newbies forum too as some of your questions may already have been answered there.

Remember to start off gently and slowly so you don’t hurt yourself and if you have any questions, please ask!

Make great gains!

lil1 :sun:

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It takes a while to learn to jelq correctly. What I mean is to get the right level of erection and keep it as well as the right speed etc. You just have to learn by experience. Start out faster and then slow down after you warmed up. If you start to lose the erection then palm up and faster jelqs while flexing the pc works well instead of stopping and doing a jack off motion to get the erection back. When the penis is at the optimum level I prefer the palm down and slower jelqs, but still believe in alternating both palm up and down. You have to hit all sides of the penis.


Still bit confused

Thanks Lil and Dance for your answers. In fact, I have already read those newbie articles about how to jelq and I am starting to be quite familiar with the speed and the level of erection. However, I am still confused when people say that you are supposed to take the OK grip and jelq.

I read in some newbie forum that if you touch the sensitive main vein while you jelq you might not be able to get good erection after a while. Is this correct? Or are you only supposed to watch out for the head of your penis?

Ok, here is the one and only question I am confused about. When I form the OK grip and my palm is facing down is my thumb on the bottom side of my penis or on the side? I think the main vein is on the bottom and the most blood rushes through it. Is this right? Right now when I jelq my left and right hands elbows are quite far away from my ribs and pointing to left and right. When I try the other way (thumb on the bottom and forefinger on the top) my elbows point pretty much backwards. Is this making any sense :) ?

This is the only thing that I haven´t been able to figure out. Uli´s I know how to do already. When I do Uli´s I trap the blood with my thumb on the bottom and forefinger on top. Should I jelq the same way I do Uli´s ?

Thanks, hopefully I didn´t bore you guys

When I jelq using the palm down ok position it is hitting the sides. Thumb on the side. Yes it does that to your arms I guess unless you want to really bend your wrist which would get sore after a while.

I do ulies with the thumb down in an ok position so I can grasp at the base. I don’t move it forward and all that like the other guys. I just get hard and grab at base and then squeeze with the remaining fingers.


Re: Still bit confused

Originally posted by Durandil

I think the main vein is on the bottom and the most blood rushes through it. Is this right?

The main vein and the nerves actually run along the TOP of the penis. On the bottom side is the urethra.

Remember when jelqing to stop just before you get to the head as there’s a bundle of nerves there and you don’t want to risk injuring those.

Keep us posted!

lil1 :sun:

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"Pertinaciously pursuing a penis of preposterously prodigious proportions." What a mouthful!

Thanks buddy

Thank you Dance, your reply was excellent and it cleared my mind. I am so relieved because the description you gave me matches my training perfectly. I have been doing just the way you told me :) Yesterday I tried to do the normal jelq the same way I do Uli’s but it seemed so strange and hard. But I guess I am doing ok. I’ll keep reading more and educating myself.

Take care Dance, I can’t wait to jelq again now when I know that I am doing it correctly :)


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