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jelqing stretching and eq

jelqing stretching and eq

What do you guys think effects EQ more; jelqing or stretching?

Jelqing by far.

Agreed,Jelqs by far. Take it slow and consistently and You’ll find many benefits.

Thanks For All Your Help

Do you mean positive affection or negative? I think jelqs are good for EQ; you could have some bad EQ in the short-run if you overdo, but the long-term effects are enhancing.

Stretch can cause ED in the short run, and positive long-term effects for EQ are lower.

Definitely jelqing.

I’ve noticed my EQ slipping a bit due to stretches. My new approach is to stretch with less force but for longer (2 or 3 mins) just straight out and to the side. I will also be implementing more jelqing which had taken a back seat latley.

In answer to your question, I can only echo what others have already posted.

Was - 5.1x4.1

Now - 6.2x4.4

Goal - 7.0x5.0

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