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Jelqing strength

Jelqing strength

How hard are you supposed to squeeze when you jelq? So far, I’ve only gotten an 1/8 inch ever since I started, and I think I’ve been jelqing too softly and quickly, since I jelq with rapid strokes.

I don’t want to squeeze too hard, but I hear those are the best way to get gains. But that still has a risk of injury.

I think a lot of it has to do with how erect you are when you jelq as well.

You have to develope your own feel for it, it will come with time and practice.
It’d be impossible for me to tell you how hard to squeeze your penis, and would you really want to rely on what I told you if I could?

My advice would just be to try doing them slower first, then gradually up the intensity until you think you’ve got it down pat.
If you start getting alot of red spots you may be doing it too hard, but getting them here and there can be common in the beginning.

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What about erections?

I do it 60% erect now, since I’m goiing for girth.

Well from what I’ve gathered, the more erect it is, the more stress is put on girth. Less erection is usually better for length.

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I agree with Redwood. Stretch your strokes out more (slow down) so you can squeeze more blood into your penis. The jelq can give you both length and girth gains. Good luck.


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