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Jelqing really fast, works? Example : mkeycrash

Jelqing really fast, works? Example : mkeycrash

This is established on what I saw from mkeycrash’s (or monkeycrash) videos (if you want to see them, go to eMule and type “mkeycrash” at the search bar).
He jelqs very fast, if you see, each stroke takes 1 sec or less, and he gained (from what I searched) more than 4 inches in 1 or 2 years , this is a amazing gain!
But how he got those gains? Is it healthy?
My beliefs about the fact are: If you jelq with so much speed (strokes of 1s or less), besides the blood pressure, you’ll improve some kind of stretch in your penis, in other words, jelq and stretch at the same time (??).

Well, i returned to PE since last week (Monday) and i tried to jelq very fast, and WOW! I think this really works, my erections are better and my flaccid state increased of size! And these results take only 12 days o O

And you people, have you ever tried to jelq so fast? And your results?


PS : I’m sorry about my English, I’m trying to practice it =.

Thanks for the quickly reply ThunderSS (and keep your great work)
It’s a shame to discover this =\, but internet is also a place for liars, this fact wasn’t so surprising =\

Well, but i will keep my routine , a very fast jelq + a traditional jelq + ADS 6 hours per day;

Thanks again for the help ThunderSS

There’s another good thread going around on the front page now. That realistic goals are a inch in length and .5 to 1 inch in girth. Over that is just luck, years of training or possibly using “hanging” which can be very very dangerous. From everthing i read.

I logged in literally thousands of hours of “fast jelqing” before I was out of high school.

HugeWang69, have you read here? Hanger’s Forum
Hanging is as safe as the guy doing it makes it.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks for the tip ThunderSS, then this week I will keep only the “traditional” jelq , ADS and pump (3 times per week) , If I see that It’s still working, I’ll abandon for ever the quickly strokes

Originally Posted by iamaru

I logged in literally thousands of hours of “fast jelqing” before I was out of high school.

Or as I called it then spanking the monkey


Running a Massive Co-Front.

I wouldn’t do 1 second jelqs, ESPECIALLY when you’re new, as your penis won’t be anywhere NEAR ready for it, and you’ll injure yourself.

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If you want gains jelq slow. 3-5 seconds is recommended, build up to 5-10 as your dick becomes more conditioned. Then when you do see nice gains jelq taking 10-15 seconds or more.

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