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Jelqing QUestions.

Jelqing QUestions.

HI! I ahve some questions after loooking through the forum for quite a few these few weeks..
I started Jelqing for about 2 weeks now with little gains.. Abotu 5 mins stretch + hot wrap and abotu 20 mins of dry Jelqing..
Some questions I have are

1. Should I add some other routines to my curernt routine.. Such as horse 440, Uil etc? Other than the noaml stretches, what other good stretches are good for length gains? V Stretch? A Stretch or somethign?
2. Should Traction Wrapping or done after I Jelqing to improve gains?
3. What is this Infra Red Lamp I’ve been reading about on helping gains in PE? Is it jsut a hot wrap subsitute?


I’m slightly confused. You’ve been a member for about a year now.

To answer your questions properly, I’d need to know how long you’ve been PEing and what your goals are. (How much length and girth you want to gain)

#3 I can answer. Infrared heats up the penis tissue faster and more efficiently. Not only that, but you can workout under it too. I couldn’t imagine PEing without mine. :)

You don’t really need to worry about 1-3 just yet. Two weeks is not enough time to see definitive gains for 99.9% of men. Keep doing your warm up and dry jelqing for another month or two, by then you should be able to tell whether it’s going to be productive.


Well. I’evb een a member more than a year now.,. But before that. .I was Jelqing here and there, when I have the time and felt liek doing it.. Not really commited into doing it.. I did get a BIb Hanger and try hanging but decided that it wasn’t raelly for me yet until I strength up my member a bit.. So I decided to get commtied to it these few months or so to see if I can get any gains..

My current stats are about 5.7” x 4.3” girth.. My target is perharps abotu 6.5” x 5”.. Not a very far-off target I guess..

You mentioned that InfraRed heats up mroe efficiently and faster? What do you mean by more efficiently? How does it compare to say hot water or heating Pad?

Also, will Tranction wrapper after I Jelq help an hasten my progress?

Thanks.. :)

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