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Jelqing questions

Jelqing questions

1. When you’re jelqing.I’ve heard that if you get erect you have to stop immediately._Why is this?? What happens if you continue while you’re erect??

2. 200-300 jelqs in a single session once a day I’ve heard is good._Also 2 days of doing it then 1 day of not doing it and so on._Is this good??

3. If I’m doing 300 jelqs should I switch hands at 150?? Or just keep going with the same hand?

1.Never do it erect it’s very bad. You will just basically fuck up your unit. It needs to be 40-80% so blood can move around.

2.200-300 is good just up it every month or so or when you feel ready don’t over do it at first.

3.Yes 150 each hand so your gains come even on your shaft because doing it with the same hand means bloods being pushed up one side only(I think). I do 400 drys in 20s= left 20/right 20 so on.

Erect jelqing isn’t effective. It’s like sqeezing a sausage. You can’t move the filling (blood in the penis) around to expand the tissues, you can only split the casing (rupture your tunica). Not a good thing. If you get completely hard, rest a bit or think of something non-sexual to make it go down.

Thanks a lot guys

If I get erect while doing it, and I stop for like 1 minute till I’m soft again does this affect the results at all?

If you get erect you should stop and wait a short amount of time until about 50% erection level. No, this won’t hinder results, but it will save you from most injuries from jelqing. And as far as 150 with each hand, I don’t know if you are interpreting it as 150 with left then 150 with right. You should alternate every stroke, but in the end you should have done 150 with each.

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Does it matter if you jerk off like 2 hours before doing the jelqing routine? And does it matter if you jerk off after your routine?

Oh, I can answer that!

First, read the last line of my signature, below.

Second, use the search button, top right of every page, and select “Advanced Search.” Then enter my nic (westla900609) in the “Search by User Name” section (on the right) and enter “masturbation gains” as the search term (“Key Word”). That should get you about 25 answers to the MOST OFTEN ASKED QUESTION IN THE HISTORY OF THIS FORUM!!!


I think it does effect gains :P. I say don’t masturbate on the same day as PE…But it’s just a personal oppinion thing.

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Damn. That’s good to know, for the past week I’ve been jelqing with a hard on. I have however seen GREAT gains.

When you jelq, is it the Dorsal Arteries that you’re lengthening?
I mean, when I don’t have a hardon, and I jelq, the veins don’t really pop out, but I can feel the pressure inside, so I’m thinking it’s stretching the veins / arteries deeper into my penis. Am I doing it right?
And if not, where, anatomically, should I center the pressure?

(Penis anatomy pictures
maleanatomy 3 copy.jpg)

Westla, How do you really feel about masturbation? LMFAO!

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Originally Posted by dzlphreak


But fair.

regards, mgus

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I notice a difference between post masturbation vs. Post nailing my wife. A big difference; which is why I rarely masturbate anymore. After masturbation, my meat seems to shrivel up, becoming shorter and firmer. Contrast this with when I get done with a hot session with my wife—my meat stays hard for about 20 minutes after I blow, then goes into a pliable, low hanging (at least for me! 4-5 inches) flaccid that seems to last.

What’s up with that?

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