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Jelqing question

Jelqing question

The guidelines say that you should not Jelq with full erection, but I get fully erect after a minute of jelqing. Should I just take a break for a couple minutes and then Jelq for another minute, and then let the erection go down again, etc?

Would constantly taking breaks like that still be effective? I am more interested in flaccid length gain than anything else, and the guidelines also say that jelqing while fully erect will increase girth more than length, so that seems like additional reason for me to avoid jelqing while fully erect.

Yes, it still will be effective. After some time, your penis will learn the difference between PE and masturbation and this issue disappear.

I had the same problem before and it stopped. Your penis gets used to PEing and learns that this is work and not play.

Just keep doing what your doing; by this I mean stop and take a break whenever you get too hard. If you jelq through it you risk injury so until your sufficiently conditioned and ready to target girth, be patient. I found that doing math-type stuff in my head helped kill the erection — and like the previous posters pointed out, you will notice this problem less and less until it eventually disappears. Happy gaining.

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