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Jelqing problem

Jelqing problem

Hi all
I just can’t find the right way to jelq . In three months of wet jelq I made no girth gains at all .
One week ago I tried to modify my grip, in order to apply more pressure on the top and bottom of the penis (rolling pin) theory . My penis looked wider after the workout but in two days I got a significant loss of sensitivity at the glans so I decided to stop .
So, in your opinion, what is the best grip in order to obtain girth without damaging the dorsal nerve ?



You might be jelqing to close to the glans, stop a ways back if this is the case.

I use all grips, alternately, my hands just get too tired to do one type of grip.

Also, if your unit is ready for it, clamped jelqing seems very effective.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

I think pressure shouldn’t be applied to the top at all, since there is a delicate nerve there that should be avoided. When I first started jelqing, I didn’t get the hang of it for a few months, either.
Try switching lubes to something else (I went from generic KY to Astroglide gel and it really made a difference.)

The grip that I came up with is like a clothespin pinch from the sides and with an overhand grip and thumb and forefinger pointing down. Hope this helps. If you’d like a better description just PM me. Good luck.

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I would advise to stay away from putting too much pressure on the top and bottom of your penis. There are a lot of nerves located in those areas and may be the cause for your partial numbness. Clamped jelqing is extremly effective but it is also extreme. Be careful and stay aware of your unit’s condition.


Thank you guys
I use Johnson baby oil as a lube, I think it’s good .
I realized that I got the best engorgement of my unit when I grip close to the base with one hand, kegel and jelq with the other . This sounds very effective but my hands get tired quickly . Clamping does not have the same effect . With my hand I have a better control of the engorgement, cutting the backflow of blood at the right time. Are there any devices that emulate hand grip better than clamps ?


Firs off, not everybody gets gains with just jelqing. Jelqing is a good conditioning exercise that builds foundation for more intense stuff.

I second what guys said regarding numbness - too much pressure on the dorsal nerve, or maybe even too much intensity and for too long.

The best grip? - the old tested overhand grip - works like a charm when you need to clamp at the base (e.g. when doing horses).

No device can beat a hand grip. Get a gripper to improve your grip.

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I’ve been having problems recently also , getting neutral PI’s. My glans is supposed to be bigger and flaccid supposed to hang lower after my session is over. But everything returns to normal. How far behind the glans am I supposed to stop

I go all the way up to the glans and release just before touching them. Sometimes I do touch them though, shhhhhh.


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