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Jelqing overhand and erection angle

Jelqing overhand and erection angle

When jelqing overhand, it seems like I’m jelqing downwards, somewhat. Will this result in a lower erection angle in the long run? (Assuming I’m jelqing at 60-80%.)


It makes sense any exercise that applies downward pressure will /should lower the angle of erection. The question maybe how much energy would cause this result.

Personally I have and continue to perform a significant amount of hanging using the bib hanger. IMO this has resulted in a lower (maybe 20-30 %) erection angle.

However to me the extra inch plus in length I have gained is a fair trade off for the result.

A question to consider if jelqing with a palms down grip in a downward direction might lower the erection angle would jelqing in a conventional palms up manner in an upward motion create a higher angle of erection?

Hope this helps,


Would jelqing in a conventional palms up manner in an upward motion create a higher angle of erection?

Before PE, my erections were straight up. I’ve gone through 2 PE periods (both lasting 2-3 months each), and during this time, I jelqed palms up. My erections are still straight up, and if the angle did go up, I sure haven’t noticed.

The main reason I asked is because I’ve started PE again, and I’ve been doing overhand jelqing with the occasional palms up jelqing. I feel that I get a better pump with the palms up, but I’m mainly concerned about working the base because I’m staying away from manual stretching. With the overhand jelq, I’m allowing the base to be more involved.

When I jelq overhand, I start out at 60%, and I jelq straight out (with a little upward angle). When I get around 80%, though, I can feel the ligs being worked (at least I think that’s what it is). When jelqing outwards at 80%, it almost feels like I’m jelqing downward (like a pulling type of feeling, not painful or anything). At this point, I start jelqing palms up because it feels better and more natural (especially on my wrists), and I just alternate between the two methods. I was mainly wondering if anyone knew how much the angle would decrease over the long term from doing overhand jelqing? I like my soldier standing straight up, although if he went down just a little bit, it wouldn’ t bother me too bad. Especially if he grew some.

I can see why hanging would lower the angle of erection, considering the amount of weight used plus the direction (going straight down) of the stretch. So, would this method of jelqing result in just a small change in erection angle (5-10%) or a larger one like hanging (20-30%)?

On a side note, I only do PE every other day and 10 minutes of jelqing, so I’m not exactly worried about it, but rather just curious if it could happen given the right circumstances.


Your style seems to be right on. My sense is that your not putting enough time into it to be concerned with changing your erection angle.

My time hanging was in the 10-20 hours per week range with some fairly heavy weight as hanging goes.

Anyhow, my thought is that with enough time even jelqing in a downward motion could effect erection angle. Of course there are alot of variables to consider and each would play off the next when evaluating the result.

Next time you jelq observe the difference in your penis when jelqing overhand in a controlled manner versus palms up in a more fluid style. For me while jelqing palms down feels more intense, when I watch my dick, it looks like the conventional palms up method is working my penis more.

Hope this helps.


It seems like the shaft gets worked better with overhand jelqing, and the head gets worked better with plams up jelqing. I figured out a good system today. It seems that I get turned on by the sight of overhand jelqing, which eventually gets me from 60 to 80%. Then I switch to palms up and jelq until it decreases back to 60%. And the cycle continues.

Thanks zep for your insight!


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