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Jelqing Need advice-

Jelqing Need advice-

I dont know how I can jelq properly if after the first one or two stroke I start to get hard. I stop and think or hunting or the pledge of allegiance in my head to get it to stop becomming so hard. In fact just rubbing the lubricant on makes me get hard. What should I do? Masturbate first? People say you should only do jelqing in a semi erect state but I’m not completely sure I know what this is. Is it like a full erection but your able to bend it or something? Also I do the dry jelqing where I pull the skin over and not let the fingers slide over.

I hear this is a common problem with beginners. As you become more familiar with the exercises your body will learn to distinguish the jelq action from masturbation so you won’t become 100% erect. For now just take it slowly and if you get too hard just let it subside a little. I don’t know if it’s a good idea to masturbate before because it might take away your desire to do the exercise but I guess it’s up to you.

As for the semi-erect state, it can vary depending on how semi-erect it means (percentage wise), but basically it’s when the penis has blood in it so it is quite plump but it’s not at its hardest. And yes it is possible to bend a semi-erect penis, this is actually an exercise (to do this with a 100% erect penis would be very dangerous and painful).

Great response hyyprr. :up:

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