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Jelqing more healthy for the veins

Jelqing more healthy for the veins


I wonder if jelqing is more healthy for the veins (on low erection) than clamping or Uli’s are. Cause when I clamp, the veins get really big, like they are going to explode but when I jelq they only get a little bit bigger.

So is it better to jelq if I don’t want to get an injury or thrombosed veins etc. ?

Yes jelqing is much less intense than clamping or ulis but still just as effective to some. So in other words, injury is much less likely to happen if you stick to jelqs.

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Ok, thanks. Then I will continue only doing jelqs and stretches.

Just keep to the newbie routine until it isn’t effective anymore. Save the big boy excersizes for when you’re conditioned enough.

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The veins you see are the ones supplying blood to the skin, not to the CC’s. The veins for emptying the CCs are on the inside of the tunica, as far as I’ve understood.

Nevertheless, high pressure stuff increases the risk of hemosiderin staining of the skin (see “Shedding the snake”) and thrombosed veins etc.

regards, mgus

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Thanks for the insight mgus. It never occurred to me that those were surface veins, and not the veins responsible for the engorgement of the penis. They still look impressive when pumped though :D

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