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Jelqing = Masterbation?

Jelqing = Masterbation?

Sorry for the title but sometimes that’s what it feels like to me. I’ve been jelqing for a few weeks now and it seems to me that jelqing is very similiar to masterbation. It is slower of course but for the most part, it’s like masterbation without the immediate release.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong? Anyone else feel the same way? The reason why I’m concerned is because masterbation doesn’t increase length, right? After all, we’ve all done so much masterbation that if masterbation increased length, we’d all be huge now. So if jelqing is similiar to masterbation, what’s the rationale that it will increase length? Stretching makes perfect sense to me but jelqing is a little iffy in my mind sometimes. I’m hoping someone can put my doubt to rest.

Jelqing can be stimulating. With enough arousal, like if you’re watching good porn, you can cum while jelqing — most of us have. But it’s not really masturbation, or certainly not intended to be. After a few weeks, when your dick is conditioned and you’ve found the best way to get a good grip, you can use jelqing as part of a broader program to increase girth and length. When done with a really tight grip that gives you a good squeeze, it can increase girth. When done in a way that pulls at the tuncia and ligs, like if you jelq downward towards the floor with each stroke, it can help with length.

However, regular jelqing is really a conditioning exercise. It gets your dick conditioned for more intense techniques like uli squeezes for girth; or V stretches for length, and maybe, eventually, hanging. But jelqing isn’t supposed to suck. It does feel good, so let it. However, if your dick gets too hard while jelqing it is less effective because you can’t get a good squeeze going. Lay off whatever is arousing you for a few minutes and then start over after you’ve softened some.

The only similarity I see is the stroking motion of the shaft. I don’t know about you but I’ve never masturbated by squeezing a 50% erect shaft and forcing blood into the head in a slow, concentrated motion.

i got a slight baseball bat thing going on, i think it might have been caused by masturbation

Originally Posted by dickosaur
i got a slight baseball bat thing going on, i think it might have been caused by masturbation

More than likely that is just your natural shape.

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Have you watched the jelq videos to see if you are doing it right? I certainly don’t masturbate anything like I jelq in terms of force used and blood pressure transfer.

Well, if you are new to it, it probably is too much like masturbation. With more practice/conditioning you won’t get so stimulated, then it’s more of an excersize like working out.

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