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Jelqing leading to glans asymmetry

Jelqing leading to glans asymmetry

After a moderate amount of jelqing (I doubt that more than 40 hours total, in sessions no longer than 20 minutes, one session on the average every 2.5 - 3 days, mostly normal wet jelqs), I noticed that my glans, which has always been symmetrical, looks asymmetrical now: the left (looking towards the floor) half of the head looks a bit bigger and a bit longer than the left side. The difference is barely visible.

I speculate that this is caused by the different way I jelq with each hand. I have been trying to compare (in order to make the same) the way I jelq with each hand relatively with the other, but I can’t figure it out what is it that is different :(

1. Has this happened to anybody else?
2. What could be the explanation? In this case, where the left half of the glans seems to “have grown more”, which hand would you postulate is working more intensely? What else could be different?

Are you Left or right ‘handed’ ie which is your natural hand for writing etc. It may just be that you are stronger in one hand than the other. And your natural grip is more developed on your more active hand.

You could perhaps try using a little more pressure on your ‘non-natural hand to see if that rectifies the problem.

Otherwise it may be just one of those things which will even themselves out as you continue with your exercises

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I can’t image how this might happen. There is only one “tube” that connects the glans to the base of the penis, the corpus spongiosum (CS). It’s the ridge that runs up the underside of the penis and contains the urethra (urine tube). Look at this image: 3corpora.jpg

Pressure on the CS should spread evenly into the tissue of the glans. There wouldn’t be an anatomical reason for it to go only to one side.

Perhaps you’re seeing something that isn’t there, or if it is, isn’t really all that important and may have been there all along.

This statement implies I would be either ignorant or blind, and I’m neither :)

I’ve seen my penis daily for about 30 years, so I really know it pretty well. I also clearly see the difference now.

Another theory I thought of today is that the left CC has developed more due to uneven jelqing, which somehow pushes more on the left part of the head.

I will try to take a picture and post it.

I guess the strongest indicator of the condition is that the axis of my pee stream forms an about 20 degrees angle with the axis of my penis.

Trust me, this did not happen before.

By observation, indeed, I noticed differences between the mechanisms of jelqing with the right hand and the left hand. In some way, the both favor the relatively additional development of the left side of the penis. Which may lead to the above mentioned problem.

By adjusting the jelqing technique, I was able to reduce the angle mentioned above. I hope I will get it straight within weeks.

I agree with westla, pressure from jelqing should be uniform inside the head. Maybe one side of your glans is just more expandable than the other for some reason.

Guys who have been pumping (for example) often find that the urine flow goes all over the place. This can only be due to slight unevenness at the tip of the penis where the urine is flowing out.

This is caused by the pressure on the penis in the tube which is pretty near equal oll over the penis. , so the answer may be that the penis wall has been distorted, thus altering the flow of the urine.

So it would seem that your penis has suffered the same type of distortion simply caused by pressure, but the make-up of your penis has been altered, probably temporarily - it may even be that a small blister or spot has formed there.

Incidentally, Westla would never imply you were ignorant or blind. He does have expert knowldge on the make up of the penis, as he has a specialist job which requires having knowledge on those areas of the body

Such statements do not go down well in the Forum.

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