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Jelqing is very effective but which one is better for jelqing


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Originally Posted by long_lurker
My opinion is not to make any type of investment in hardware until you have established a good routine manually and know you’re going to stick it out, say 6 months or so. Otherwise it ends up right next to the other exercise equipment you bought and stuck in various places around the house. You know, like the treadmill that now serves as a handy clothes hanger :D

I agree. Before I started a committed routine, I read as much on this forum as I could. First of all tried to get an idea of is PE for real or not, which was solved pretty quickly and confirmed by numerous members pics. Then I tried to read alot from the big gainers, and alot from the hard gainers. See what they had in common, see what they didn’t. Trying to find patterns and work out if I had a decent chance of success or if I would be wasting my time (like if it was a lottery where gainers were just lucky etc).

I concluded that manual exercises are the fundamentals to gains. You may or may not gain with devices, some do some don’t. But nothing was achievable with devices that wasn’t already achievable with manuals. It was not like you can strap on an ADS or some weights and be 100% assured of gains, which I think alot of people want. Some of the biggest gainers are manual exercise only PE’rs. (It’s a testament to how good this site is) I figured this was good news and I should get to work start applying that elbow grease and if I did, I would be rewarded. So far so good.

In my opinion, manual exercises are the cake. And devices are the icing on the cake. You can eat the cake without the icing, but you can’t eat the icing without the cake. This is the reason why all members are recommended the newbie routine upon registration before moving onto other things.

Originally Posted by long_lurker
Understand these “snake oil merchants” are interested in your MONEY not your PENIS. Most of them don’t even believe or know that PE really works.

Not really related, but I saw a TV commercial in the middle of the day on a sports channel I think, for a windows utility that scans your PC for spyware and “errors” and afterwards fixes it so that you get better download speeds, no more crashes in MSN Messenger, or Internet Explorer, or Windows Explorer etc etc. The TV commercial was well made and it was supposed to make your “expensive” PC run the way it should. With payed actors smiling and showing the bar of the downloads suddenly twice as fast. So I typed in the address and downloaded a trial for the program out of curiosity.

It basically scanned windows registry, and windows shortcuts that lead to nowhere (a dead link). Didn’t scan for spyware at all. There was no possible way it could improve download speeds, and crashes in programs are usually the fault of the buggy program not your PC. So basically it was useless (considering it was claiming it could do), and you could get the same thing if you searched from a free shareware registry cleaner program rather then spending $40 or $60. When I uninstalled this peace of crap, it was invasive and hard to uninstall like Norton Anti Virus and things like that are. After uninstalled and restarting there were still references to it in startup in the registry that I had to remove with Hijackthis.

So basically it preys on the weak. In this case, non savvy PC types. Really dishonest way of making money, really frustrating. Bit off topic, but I guess these commerical penis enlargement sites are a bit the same way.

This is the program and if you see the TV commercial, don’t buy it!

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