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Jelqing injury

Jelqing injury

I have been jelqing and stretching for about 6 weeks. I use the power jelqer . I got more aggressive about
Two weeks ago. I do warm up and use any pain as a guide. ONly once did I get newbie spots.

My question is this.

Can jelqing cause strictures or scar tissue in the urinary tract?

Has anybody had this problem before.

Why do you ask? Do you have symptoms you’re concerned about?

I haven’t heard of guys scarring their urethras.

Normally the only scar tissue that forms is from the continual breaking down and rebuliding of cells in your Corpora Cavernosa Penis. Even then the scar tissue doesn’t cause clotting or anything. If you think that there is scar tissue in your urethra then you might be overdoing it. But I doubt that there is any. If your really worried, remember you could just go see a doctor. :)


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The symptoms were stinging in the urniary tract especially at the tip.

Well I went into to see the doc and dialated my urethra. For a couple of days it was like peeing broken glass. I now go in

For an xray where they fill my urethra with fluid and take a picture. I havea hard time beleaving that scar tissue can form in this short of time. Anyways I’ve only been doing pe for 6 weeks maybe I did not do the newbie routine long enough.

I had the same experience. While urinating there was a mild pain at the tip. I don’t think it’s scar tissue but just sensitivity. I’m uncircumcised, if that helps. I took 2-3 days of rest and it went back to normal pretty soon. I got it after a jelqing session and the glans was extremely engorged. It’s fine now and I’ve been jelqing away for quite some time now.

BTW.. This is my first post so hey guys!

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Pain in urinary tract amp; poor ejeculation

Hi there,
I’m a newbie.
I’ve done a very slow and modest start, recommended by a post by remec I think, consisting of 1 day on, 2 days off, for a week, then a couple weeks off. 150 jelqs per session, including a warm up and stretch.

I have done 4 sessions.
The first 3 seemed fine, I gained a lot of flaccid girth.
After the 4Th session I’ve had a stinging pain in my urinary tract that hasn’t gone away for 3 weeks now.
As soon as the stinging pain started I stopped.

Could anyone please help with any advice.

My erections have improved, but my ejaculations are really bad.
Before starting jelqing, I could easily ejaculate over 1 metre with a health amount.
Now it just about trickles out, and with very little semen.

At first I was heartened by the results, but these side effects have me quite distressed.

Any help or advice would be of much appreciation, or if someone could point me to other forums/posts that may be of some use.

Also if someone could point me in the direction of some videos on how to correctly jelq,and maybe diagrams of the pens pointing out where to avoid.

I’ve obviously done something wrong, I just don’t know what.

Many thanks.

Are you getting fully erect average sam? On the forum options go to ‘Tutorials’ for the videos. I can only think the ejaculation issue is down to a weak PC muscle but I can’t see what sort of injury you would get that doesn’t allow you to ejaculate easily.

what is a power jelqer ? never heard of it

Bad technique. You should put pressure on the sides, when jelqing, not on the CS.

Originally Posted by Audacia
Are you getting fully erect average sam? On the forum options go to ‘Tutorials’ for the videos. I can only think the ejaculation issue is down to a weak PC muscle but I can’t see what sort of injury you would get that doesn’t allow you to ejaculate easily.

Thank for your reply audacia. The ejaculation issue wasn’t an issue before I started jelqing. Is it possible that jelqing can weaken the pc muscle (what is a pc muscle?)
But to answer your question, yes, my penis is fully erect when ejaculating.

Is there a section on the site for people with injuries from jelqing?
There are thousands of people jelqing, so there must be hundreds of injuries.
I would be shocked and appalled if there isn’t a section set up for people to give advice etc regarding injuries.
In the same way, if you have thousands of people running for a sport, it is inevitable that you will have hundreds of injuries related to running.
So I hope it’s not something that the site doesn’t support or acknowledge, it’s just a statistical fact that people will get injured.

I remember reading somewhere that a weakened ejaculation was a possible side effect of jelqing, possibly a post on this site.
Does anyone know if it’s permanent.

Am I possibly gripping too hard?
I’ve seen good results in short space of time, but have these side effects.

Any help and direction would be appreciated.

Originally Posted by marinera
Bad technique. You should put pressure on the sides, when jelqing, not on the CS.

What is the ‘cs’ marinera?
Could you direct me to links/post/videos/diagrams of where to pick up good techniques?

I know I must be doing something wrong, as I’m getting results, but also very unwanted side effects.

Many thanks

Hi there guys, thank you for your response to my post, things seem to be better now, just took a long break and things are back to normal.
Can someone tell me where the best place to post my original post about my injury might be? I want to post it with a response to say I’m fine now. Just want to make sure no one else hurts themselves.

I still have no idea which part of my penis I am meant to grip when jelqing to avoid injury, can someone help?
I originally joined the site as I was planning on hanging weights. Is that something you do after you are a seasoned jelqer?

I def know this works as I gained girth very quickly,and even got a little ‘baseball’ effect.
Can someone tell me how to get rid of the baseball effect?

Many thanks, and thank you again for taking the time to reply to me when I was in need, much appreciated :)

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