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Jelqing in the shower

Jelqing in the shower

Ok, I jump in the shower, I tend to use hot water, not warm.

I face the shower and I get my penis all warmed up, and do stretches - up - 5 seconds, down 5 seconds, left 5 seconds right 5 seconds and repeat for around 5 mins.

Then I turn by back to the shower, get a good amount of vaseline (good that it’s waterproof) and start jelqing.

Afterwards you want your penis to be clean so I get some soap or bodywash and start jelqing, this gets rid of the vaseline and my gf don’t eat vaseline.

Then I do what I gotta do in the shower and finish up with the stretches while facing the shower, the water might be cold at this stage.

You can see how you can skip doing the wraps if you jelq in the shower, well I must say I am too lazy to do the wraps so I haven’t done it before but this should be still effective to a certain point.

I’m just about to do a search for other threads on this.. Just wanna share my ideas.. Tell us what you guys think :)

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I too PE in the shower, it’s convenient and a quick cleanup. Do you have any pics to post. As a newbie,like myself, we should have them for the record.


I too jelq in the shower!

Yeah, the shower is the best place. You’ve a good reason not to be disturbed; it’s clean, and you get a blast of heat.

All good.

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I also do my routine in the shower, except the fact that I clamp and then I stretch. I think it is better because to wrap your dick and do all that is too much time when you can just jump in the shower and do it all at once.


I just dry jelq and I don’t bother with wraps, I know I should really but I start slow and work up. Newbies should definately do something to warm up to start with.


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I use to jelq in the shower, but I found it’s easier to just do dry jelqs while I’m watching TV.

Whatcha want man watcha need,

Comes to you no stems and seeds.

Yeh.. I’m still living with my parents so it’s a bit uncomfortable for me to jelq while watching tv in the lounge room

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I tried doing the routine in the shower, I can manage jelqs fine but stretching is a problem as I have no grip. I get in the shower as you say meth0d, warm up that way, do my jelqs, wash myself, then when I get out I dry off and use talc for better grip and do my stretches. Then use a 5 min hot wrap.


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