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Jelqing in hot tub jacuzzi


Jelqing in hot tub jacuzzi

I have a jacuzzi in the back yard now and the water is fairly hot. I read a lot about how warming up and cooling down with the heat will help the gains come and work.

So do you think I should like soak in the jacuzzi 5 minutes, then jelq for a good 10-20 then soak and rest another 5 and be done?

My guess is doing it regularly in the hot jacuzzi should increase noobie gains considerably, just wondering if anyone else has been able to try it (or just hot baths).

Back in the day I did my PE in the jacuzzi. Other guys have done that or simply used a hot bath. Great way to relax and unwind while PEing.

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I would be interested as well to know what others think. As I have considered buying a jacuzzi for PE reasons. In theory it sounds great all the heat you need and a reasonable amount of privacy.

Originally Posted by noob99
I have a jacuzzi in the back yard now and the water is fairly hot. I read a lot about how warming up and cooling down with the heat will help the gains come and work.

Watch out for pesky neighbours observing and stalking you!

This is a hot topic!!

It sound like a good idea, I’d like also to hear for the guys who tried it!

Do your entire routine in the hot tub.

Nice,maybe I should try this,but as said other people may spot you over then

"Ohh he got a nice penis” as she said to the other neighbours. =D

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I bet doing your routine in a jacuzzi will give great gains because of the constant heat. Try it and let me know if it is more effective than a regular warm up.

Yes try it out and tell us how you get on. Do the classic routine so you can compare to how others get on and we’d know it’s the constant heat and not just the routine.

I have a hot tub and will do stetching and some jelqs in there once a week. It definitely gives you a good stretch but stretches are hard to hold since the water makes it hard to grasp. Jelqing is very good in the hot tub though and gives my wife something to watch as we chat. :)

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Make sure your balls don’t get exposed to heat for a long period of time. Overall the jaccuzi sounds like a good idea, beware of voyeurs in the neighboorhood ;)

Have fun, man!

Originally Posted by thebigo
Beware of voyeurs in the neighboorhood

That is really funny but is true lol.

I’ve wanted to try this but I don’t know where to get a jacuzzi. Maybe running a really hot bath can do the trick. Plus it’s more private not that it’s a concern of mine (I do plenty of my outside chores completely naked.)

Originally Posted by MustangV8
Do your entire routine in the hot tub.

Actually, it’s best that you spend your entire life in your hot tub, that way you will always be fresh, steaming and ready for hot tub adventures (in the hot tub).

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