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Jelqing: how much internal pressure to apply to glans

Jelqing: how much internal pressure to apply to glans

I’m new to PE and just finished day #2 of the Newbie Routine. How much pressure should I apply to the glans when jelqing? I feel it more when I use an underhand grip (palms up) versus overhand. I’ve read through the Injuries / Treatments forum and don’t want to burst any blood vessels, but then again I don’t want to put too little pressure where it’s not effective. I can jelq and kegel to where my glans is pretty hard, but am afraid to put more pressure. Any recommendations?

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A. Learn the anatomy. The glans is a continuation of the corpus spongiosum (the ridge on the underside). So a grip that puts more pressure on that ridge will naturally transmit more pressure to the glans. (See: 3corpora.jpg)

B. The glans has no tunica. It reacts like a balloon. It increases with pressure, then contracts when the pressure is released. Stretching the tunica of the corpora cavernosa is what helps a penis grow. Since the glans has no tunica and reacts like a balloon, it generally will not respond to jelqing like the rest of the penis.

C. There are advanced exercises specifically aimed at glans enlargement which are based on trapping blood in the glans then increasing pressure. These exercises are more likely to cause injury and are not for newbies.

D. This article will explain why kegels make your glans hard: Locating the bc muscle

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