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Jelqing Hang

Jelqing Hang

Hi all, I have been doing the newbie routine for a couple of weeks and am still getting the hang of jelqing, so I am wondering if the engorged hang after is a sign of doing it right. After my sessions of jelqing, I really cannot tell a difference in flaccid hang and was just wondering if it means I might not be jelqing correctly in the first place. Thanks for any relpies.

Jelqing takes time to master, don’t rush it and you’ll get it.

It’s OK to not hang lower right after a session, and its a good sign to hang lower/bigger sometime after the session or on the next day, I’ve compiled a list of quotes and threads that I hope you find helpful.

firegoat - Head Swelling Sign of a “Good” Jelq
Finally learning to jelq

Originally Posted by JonPop
Wet Jelq: 30-60% erection level. Just erected enough to move the blood from as close to the pelvic bone to just under the glans. Hold the bulge for 3-4 seconds to keep the glans expanded and without releasing, start the second hand up. Release the first hand at the top when half way up with the second hand. Do this slowly, about for the quick count of 5. Only squeeze hard enough to trap the blood and move it up the shaft.
This degree of erection will prevent burst capillaries, bruising and thrombosed veins.

Originally Posted by rbi99
How do I know if I am effectively jelqing?
Many guys here ask how do they know if their girth routine is being done correctly or is effective, and there are several areas you can look at which will help you with that determination. These simple tests will tell you if you are effectively moving blood up your shaft, but even if you are, there could still be room for improvement in technique or intensity levels. If an exercise doesn’t seem to be moving blood, it could be an error on your part with technique, or maybe you think you are squeezing hard enough, but you’re not. Maybe due to a physical limitation certain exercises won’t be as effective for you. If this is the case then alternatives can be sought out.

Several tests that will tell you if your jelqing routine is effective or not are the following:
1) for either the V’s or regulars, leave your first jelq grip at the base of your glans (don’t squeeze too tightly) and start your second jelq. You should feel the fingers near your glans start to expand. This is caused by the increased blood flow being created by the second jelqing motion you are starting at your base.
2) touch your glans as you approach it with a jelq. The harder your glans feels to the touch, the more blood you have effectively moved into it.
3) look at your urethra opening (pee hole) after you are finished with your jelqing session. If the area around it is puffed up, this indicates you had an effective session and your glans is still swollen with blood from the routine.
4) Look at the color of your glans before you start your routine and then compare it when you are finished. It should be darker in color, a clear indication that extra blood was forced into it.
5) another good sign of a well done jelq is when the area below your jelqing stroke remains pale looking, while the area above the jelq is darker in color. This indicates you are pushing blood up your shaft, while not letting much escape below it.
6) know what your mid girth is at different flaccid lengths (since flaccid size varies so often). After your routine measure your length and then the corresponding mid girth measurement. If your normal mid girth size is say 4” when your flaccid length is 4 3/4”, and after your routine your mid girth is more than 4” at that 4 3/4” length, guess what, your whole unit is expanded from your solid girth routine.

Thanks a lot for the information and taking the time to post a on a week old thread. That’s a really encouraging sign from the community as a whole!

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