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Jelqing Grip Intensity re-posted from a different thread

Jelqing Grip Intensity re-posted from a different thread

So how hard exactly do you guys squeeze? I’m squeezing pretty hard, but not to the point of any pain. Just before the pain starts is a good way of putting it I suppose. Also, the ‘put your next hand on while the other hand is approaching the head’ that very important? It seems like the purpose of it is to keep the blood in. I’m just wondering if this should be a major point of focus.



Wow that’s very helpful. I did search for it but I guess I didn’t search hard enough and got I guess I just wanted to chat with some PE-ers.

Thank you,


I’ll just ask in here because I don’t think my question needs it’s own thread. When I jelq sometimes, my hand skips as if it’s hitting a dry spot even though my penis is fully wet with lubricant. I don’t really understand why it’s doing this, but I was wondering if this is a bad thing even though it doesn’t disrupt my grip any? I have no clue if this affects anything, but hopefully it doesn’t because I have no idea how in the hell I solve such a thing.

Well I think that’s a matter of which lubricant you are using. That happened to me when I used to use baby oil. Now I use Vaseline and it doesn’t happen anymore. Try it.

I have been using KY and it works well. Getting a skip on a jelq is probably not productive, but should not actually hurt you. A slow steady jelq that get the blood up and some expansion would work best.

Olive oil is helpful as a lubricant as well.

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