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Jelqing force

Jelqing force

I’ve done 1 month of PE and my routine is the following:
- Stretching 4 sets x 30 seconds (counted by 30 Kegels), left, right, up, down;
- Jelqing 10 minutes, starting from flaccid and jelq 5 minutes with ~30% erection level, then stimulate a bit and jelq with 60-80% erection level for another 5 minutes.

2 days on, 1 day completely off.

#1 question: how much force / pressure must be applied on penis with fingers (grip) when jelqing ? I was squeezing as hard I could to feel the blood forcing in my shaft and gland, but I think I was wrong. Should I put a light force on the grip ?
#2 question: is my routine OK and enough to get good gains considering that I don’t edge / balloon / masturbate and I only have sex once a week ?

Thank you!

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Well if you do apply too much force then the result may be an injury that may put ypou off fr weeks if no months

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Yes please guys what would be the good force to apply ? Mine is like 80% so I can see the glans get a bit bigger and the veins pop out.

I started PEing 2 weeks ago, and now my EQ is down as hell.

It is a light pressure applied the aim is to move the blodd from the bottom of the shaft to the glands that is all there is no need to pressure the shaft and get yourself injured.

EQ is expected to go down because of the number of repetitions but your penises will recover soon after time off. If you are concerned just take time off.

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