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Jelqing for girth

Jelqing for girth

Is the jelq the best method for gaining girth?

Should it be done with flaccid or erect penis?

Will the power stretch (length) reduce my girth?


Hey werwer

To start of jelqing is sure the best thing for anything, and yes girth too, depending on whether you jelq at a higher erect state or not you either optimize your workout for girth or length. What goes for stretching, some did report a small decrease in girth while stretching, but it’s nothing you can’t compensate with other methods =) You should really read a bit into the newbie routines and jelqing & stretching guides, it’s all there.

So what is the best state of erection for jelqing to help with girth?

There is many opinions on this werwer, you need to find out for yourself, people react differently.

Anyway, the general consensus seem to be that jelqing at 80-100 percent is the best for girth, while jelqing at a lower erection level, perhaps 50-70 is better for length.

Either way, I recommend you strongly to avoid jelqing at 100 percent in the beginning, and if you decide to do so later on you need to be very careful. Many people get too optimistic and wind up hurting themself, me included. One never suspects oneself to be prone to damage, but the day it happens and one needs to take a long break, one will sincerely regret not being more cautious.

Good luck and as always, be consistent!

Whoa.. Thanks for the advice and the warning!

60-80% is the best for girth, 20-40 for length. Don’t go higher there are to many risks involved. When you aren’t a newbie anymore you can start clamping, horses and Ulis for hitting girth. When you have a bigger budget and more privacy, pumping is also an option.

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