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Jelqing Epiphanies

Jelqing Epiphanies

So I recently changed the angle of jelqing. Now instead of jelqing at an 45 degree angle up, I jelq at straight out!! The difference to me is not super major, but I can tell it is the right angle for me.

No questions or anything, but feel free to share your jelqing epiphanies ITT

I have been realizing the same thing recently, I started switching from jelqing upward, to jelqing straight out, and then jelqing somewhat downward, trying to figure out if there is a difference.

I feel like more blood is trapped in my penis if I do it downward, and doing it upward now feels like it is not as good as the other angles.

Try different positions, you won’t know whats best for you until you’ve tried them all!

Jelqing around 45 degrees downward allows me to start as far down on my penis as possible while also not allowing much blood to escape. Plus it gets a nice suspensory ligament stretch. I’ve been seeing great gains with just these and manual stretches.

Best of luck to all fellow PE-ers in their journey.


I think I know what you’re talking about, but it’s kinda hard to explain. It feels like the shaft stays semi engorged better and there is better expansion rather than the upward angle jelq where it doesn’t feel like blood is staying around. The feeling of finding out what works for you is somewhat soothing that everything was great and now it’s a little better :)

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