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jelqing direction, which seems better?

jelqing direction, which seems better?

Hi guys,

I normally don’t manual jelq I use a homemade Power Jelq device, I’m wondering on which direction may be better…I usually lie down on the end of my bed with my legs on the ground at the end, I’ve been using my power jeling device and jeling towards my chin so my dick is almost flat against my stomach when I pull, I’ve also tried pulling forward so my dick is going the opposite direction, at times one way seems to feel better, so I’m a bit frustrated cause I’m not sure if this would have any affect on gains or if I’m wasting my time with one direction over the other, ect. Hopefully some of you’s can help, thanks for the support, bye!!

Read up on the LOT theory if you havent already.

For a low lot, you would want to jelq at upward angles. For a high lot, you would want to jelq at downward angles. Same for streching. Not that you have to do it straight up or straight down, but your range would either be from straight out to straight up, or from straight out to straight down.

I think the range for jelquing is given by the grade of your erection, aint’t it?


Jelqing is mostly something that is designed to effect the tunica but you can effectively combine it with a stretch on the ligs if you have a high LOT by jelqing down and exploiting that by stretching the end of each stroke, otherwise I don’t think it matters much which way you jelq. In the end you probably want to jelq at multiple angles anyway just so that your grip is forced to change and the stress stands a chance of being even.


I’m not sure what you are getting at.

If the penis is to 70% erect, it’s not possible to jelq downwards, because the penis is standing :)

I see what you mean. I guess that depends on how much your stretched your ligs to an extent but mostly I think you can force it down OK. Are you maybe doing 99% erect jelqs?

I hope not! No, I don’t think so… but I have a “blood penis” so it gets rather hard and upright on erection, and I need a bit of erection to jelq or there is nothing there to jelq :D

You were right! On levels under 80% erection, the penis can still be drawn foreward/downward.

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