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Jelqing Correctly

Jelqing Correctly

I just started Babbis’s newbie routine and had a question. When I wet jelq at about 40-50% I lose my semi-erection after awhile. Should I stop jelqing every
Certain amount of times and try to get more of an erection. When I jelq at the 40% level, it’s hard to tell after jelqing if it’s my erection or just
B/c I am jelqing.

Also, it doesn’t feel like I am pushing blood to the glans at such a low erection level, is that normal or am I doing it wrong? I have checked out
The pics/movies.

It is good to stop jelqing to regain the semi-erection, or better you can watch porn or do similar thing when your semi-erection is beginning to get too low during jelqing.

Keep soft tissue soft.

NEW newbie + advanced routine

I too sometimes encounter this annoyance.I just stop for a minute while I build my erection back up.

Just watch porn and do a couple of kegels. This should do the trick.

Do what bird2 said. Also you could try flinging it around a bit too.

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