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Jelqing before stretching

Jelqing before stretching

Hey guys. Would it be fine to do jelqing before stretching, because as soon as I apply the hot wrap, I’m not flaccid enough to stretch.

You have to understand, friend( so as not to call you retard):) , there are no rules about PE.

So, you can do your strechig before, after, or inbetween jelqing. You have to figure out what’s best for you, so experiment.

Hi retard:D ,Lol.

I prefer to jelq after because it’d be a bitch to get a good grip with my dick still slippery from the lotion I use.;)

I would say that stretching first (after heat) would be the better option… This way, when you jelq, the blood is pushed into the newly stretched tissue and can stretch it even more.

Sounds like a caveman wrote my above sentence, but it semi-logical in my opinion.

Makes sense to me, PEness

I like to Jelq before stretching because I’m more excited about the PE session early, and its harder to get an erection after stretching when my dick is tired.

I always warm-up for 5 minutes, stretch for 5 to 10 minutes, jelq 5 minutes, kegel 100 times, then warm-down. So far, it’s worked well for me. I don’t think it matters whether your jelq before you stretch or stretch before you jelq. Like what another poster said, you set the rules: What works best according to your body should be the way to go in your routine.

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