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Jelqing at very low erection levels. will it hinder my girth gains

Jelqing at very low erection levels. will it hinder my girth gains

I try to jelq at about 25 to 35% erection level .. Because I think its very safe .. Will it hinder my gains.. I’m kinda scared to do it on erection level higher than 50%.. Stretching is awesome I love it but this jelqing has become very scary for me.. Back when I used to be on “matter of size”.. Members over there were like erect work will give great gains.. Instead I got bruises all over the place and some pain at the glans .then I stopped for a solid 2 1/2 months now I’m just worried.. My EQ every thing is fine now I get morning wood I have no problem at all with erections.. I just don’t want to hurt my little brother.

Are you sure you are jelqing with the correct technique? Are you circumcised?

Yea I’m circumcised.. Hey I know how to jelq.. There r videos here too.. I’ve watched each and every exercise .. I have also downloaded them .

Ok. Jelqing at 50-70% erection level is safe, you just have to avoid a too tight grip and pushing on the urethra. A ‘U’ or ‘C’ grip will help avoiding injuries

marinera - Dry jelqing - WOW.

Ok thanks for the help full reply.. God damn questions get answered so quickly here.


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