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Jelqing and NoFap. Why I'm having issues.

Jelqing and NoFap. Why I'm having issues.

Anyone familiar with the NoFap movement? If not, google ‘reddit nofap’.

So apparently you need minimum of 40-50% erection while jelqing. I’m not able to achieve this unless I think sexual thoughts or watch porn which is an absolute no-no with NoFap.

So how does one actually achieve 40-50% erection while jelqing consistently without being stimulated sexually?

Is this even possible?

Does anyone even know what I’m talking about?

Umm, well after you quit with the porn and masturbating. Your mind will figure out how to make your body do what you want.

Took me a few weeks, but I get excited doing my routines. Literally I get a full blown rager sometimes just with the thought of pulling out the pump and knowing it will make my dick big.

If you have to, just masturbate a little ( don’t think thoughts ) but focus on the feelings of your dick filling up with blood, becoming engorged, strokes that feel good etc.. Then jelq. Rinse and repeat if you need.

But really. give yourself some time off from masturbation and porn. When it comes to PE your dick will love all the attention.


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