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Jelqing and hand encirclement

Jelqing and hand encirclement

Basically my hands cannot fully encircle my shaft(5.5eg+small hands),is that detrimental to my progress or is it ok?

The gap is not that big more like 2-3 mms or 1/16th of an inch.

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Pressure on the sides is best, can you do that? Try an overhand OK, with the soft area between thumb and forefinger on the top of the shaft. Hold both the thumb and forefinger straight(ish) and squeeze the sides of the shaft. Don’t worry about the bottom. Does that work for you?

When doing a standard OK, get the soft skin between thumb and forefinger located as close to the bottom of the shaft as possible and again squeeze the sides. Don’t worry about pressure on the top of the shaft.

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Ty memento,will try overhand.


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