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Jelqing and foreskin

Jelqing and foreskin

I have foreskin and I’ve been jelqing, but I’ve noticed that my foreskin has become longer as a result. I’m thinking about abandoning the exercises because I don’t really want a longer foreskin. Is there anyway around this?

I’m having the same issue. It’s pretty upsetting. I’d love to hear some ways to overcome this. I know some guys talk about slowly restoring their foreskin, but us uncut guys don’t need my foreskin growing so how do we avoid it? That combined with a donut effect and baseball bat is really making things look strange.

What’s a donut effect lol?

I only do wet jelqing and only to the bottom of the glans and I haven’t seen any issues. I think that my foreskin may have grown a little (almost unoticeable to anyone but me who concentrates on my penis during my PE career), but seeing as it was ‘tight’ before PE, I never viewed it as a problem.

Frankly as long as you can’t tie a bow from your foreskin, no one will bring attention to it! :)

Depending on your goals, you can do a few light jelqs to keep your unit in good health and do some more advanced girth exercises once you feel that you have conditioned your penis enough. I take it you are doing stretching for length gains? Not every exercise is for everyone. Once you have followed the newbie routine, you will have a good idea as to what suits you and your penis’s needs.

The donut effect is either a bunching up of mass on your penis that looks like you have a donut around your cock or a fattening of my belly due to eating deep fried doughy snacks.

Are you doing dry or wet jelqing?

I have been doing dry jelqing for some time, and it doesn’t seem to be affecting my foreskin.

Much about nothing really

You guys have to pull the foreskin all the way back and jelq then again it may take a llittle practice and sensitivity to the glans will also go away with PE

if you growing there should not be a problem with a little more skin that usual small price to pay really I have it too and not complaining

On the other hand donuts, baseball bat Who cares woman that will be handling your dicks?

Blue eye, blonde latino

Same issue here; try a dry jelq with the foreskin fully retracted when you start.

I’m not sure uncut guys would really get the ‘donut effect’ much; from what I’ve read on male anatomy it seems to mainly affect guys who are circumcised. The circumcision leaves some blood vessels that don’t really go anywhere that will cause that area to swell when the jelq forced blood into them. For the uncut, they lead into the foreskin.

For me I’ve noticed that my foreskin gets heavier, like it’s been pumped up a bit, but no donut effect so far.

Having a foreskin is a great advantage for doing dry jelqing, I have found. My foreskin was lengthened from stretches and ADS but not from jelqing. As suggested above with wet jelqing, perhaps stroke only to the bottom of the glans which is correct procedure anyway.

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