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Jelqing and Foreskin

Jelqing and Foreskin

Does It Make A Difference In Jelqing If I Have A Foreskin ?

Probably not.

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So Do I Jelq Till I Get Sore?

I have a foreskin and jelqing works fine for me. Read the link in the above post for further advice.

19th Feb 2012

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Bighappy, no, you shouldn’t jelq until you feel sore, or the next day you will probably wake up with your penis retracted into your body, figuratively speaking, of course.

Read the link, and start the newbie routine, and go easy. PE is a marathon, not a race.

I’m uncircumcised too, and I use lube every time, because dry jelqs painfully stretch the whole skin (for me) and I don’t want to stretch the skin, I want to stretch what’s inside.


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